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Water for Life


We wish you and your school a warm welcome on board on this Earth Care Campaign 2010-2014, a voyage of learning and discovery with the purpose to inspire and engage our young generation to live a caring life in harmony with Society and Mother Earth.

The first lesson discusses water basics, facts and figures. What are current and future perspectives of this invaluable resource – water?

The second lesson discusses watersheds in your region and personal involvement – ideas to improve the situation at home and at school.

The third lesson introduces the concept of Dialogue Schools, and how to share information on the topic.

The two student self-studies will alert students to make “water” observations at the level of society, as well as at home.


This action has the following guidelines for when to start this action:

What this means is that each year the process for the Culture of Care action is the following:

  • April 22 (January) – registration opens (available below)
  • April 22 (March) – assessment forms are accepted
  • May 22 (April) – registration closes
  • June 22 – assessment forms are no longer accepted


  1. Campaign Concept Note in English
  2. Teacher Guidelines – Culture of Care in English or in Arabic
  3. Support Material in English or in Arabic
    • Student Assessment Form
    • Student Summary Sheet
    • Teacher Assessment Form
  4. Visualize the attitude change of your students

    Registration is open January 22 April 22 – May 22

    The registration process step-by-step:

    1. Decide on a campaign coordinator at your school
    2. Decide which classes will participate in this action
    3. Make a 3-4 weeks plan for the classes
      to have 3 lessons (2 hours each)
      and 2 self-studies (3 hours each)
    4. Download and read carefully the resources for this action from above
    5. Fill in registration forms for this action Registration is closed at the moment!
    6. Receive a confirmation email with action’s assessment forms
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