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Pilot Project

Culture of Care & Water for Life
involving more than 50 + 50 schools world-wide!

Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme was glad to respond to a request from UNESCO ASPnet regional office Amman, to formulate and assist a pilot project at 50 schools in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman Sultanate and Palestine Authorities.

In order to make the pilot project “Global” in its character, 50 more schools have been invited from the Life-Link Friendship-Schools network and from UNESCO Associated schools in Australia, Argentina, Chile, Ghana, India, Iran, Russia, Romania, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden.

The Pilot Project included two “actions” to take place at and around participating schools:

  • Culture of Care in October 2007
  • Water for Life in March 2008.

Each action comprised of 3 two-hours lessons/discussions plus 2 three-hours students Self-studies or Field-studies. At each participating school, selected classes with students aged 14-17 have been participating.

The Culture of Care action was performed in October – November 2007 and evaluated at a midterm workshop in Amman early December. We were encouraged by the positive results and reactions, even though we recognized some minor obstacles. This pilot project is pioneering and in several aspects unique, and we will surely encounter problems to be solved in order to bring the project to higher perfection. Tolerance, patience and tenacity are important qualities to be exercised by all partners!

The second action Water for Life March – April 2008. UNESCO Natcoms from Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Syria announced interest to join schools – Welcome! A new dimension of Dialogue between participating schools, in order to exchange Water study experiences and to learn from each others cultures is introduced into this action during Self-Study 2 and Lesson 3. Many schools’ coordinators are not trained in such intercultural dialogues and E-mail connecting by use of Internet – this Dialogue-Schools phase needed a lot of support from Life-Link and UNESCO.

The pilot project was not open for other schools in the world. The results emerging from assessment forms and an evaluation conference lead to more elaborated Culture of Care and Water for Life actions and guidelines. Other interested schools will then be able to profit from the results and guidelines by joining the 2010-2014 Earth Care Campaign.

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