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Your school is invited for free to engage in Local Actions, and to Dialogue with other schools, based on the themes of Culture of CareWater for LifeReduce-Reuse-Recycle !

The 2010-2014 Earth Care Campaign is a 5-years unique program introduced to inspire youth and educators at schools world-wide to adopt and to promote a life-style in harmony with Planet Earth’s resources and carrying capacity. The Campaign recognizes the imminent threat that human life-style and consuming patterns constitute to the Earths biology processes, Flora and Fauna. It also recognizes that schools world-wide have never before joined hands in order to safe-guard our common “living-room” for the benefit of Planet Earths sustainability! The Campaign reaches out to each individual student with an ethics of Me taking responsibility for my attitudes and my behavior, to Care for Myself (Health), to Care for Others (Collaboration), and to Care for Nature (Natural Resources).

The Campaign is based on an experience of 22 years and on recent assessments from a pilot project performed 2007-2008 at 50 schools in 9 Arab countries together with 50 schools in 10 other countries all continents. The pilot project showed that it had a measurable impact on students’ awareness, knowledge, attitudes and behavior in relation to Culture of Care and Water for Life. It was selected by a UNESCO expert panel as one of the world-wide Good Practice projects, exhibited at the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Bonn, 2009.

The Campaign has official recognition within the UN Water for Life Decade 2005-2015.

Statement, Petra, Jordan, June 2008

Statement at the concluding conference of the Life-Link & UNESCO ASPnet Pilot Study

We, delegates at this concluding Life-Link & UNESCO ASPnet Culture of Care & Water for Life conference, strongly recommend that an extended 3-4 years second pilot project, with refined methodology, should be performed at defined schools within the Arab region, paralleled with defined schools worldwide.

An extended pilot project should be based on the UNESCO values. In the framework of Education For All promoting quality education, such a project is also promoting the Decades Culture for Peace, Education for Sustainable Development, Water for Life, as well the UN Millennium Development Goals and the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme proposed Care Actions.

Three Actions annually at each of thousands of participating schools

Culture of Care, Water for Life and Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, each with 3 lessons and 2 student field-studies (a total of 10-15 hours per action), will be performed at classes within one of the school’s grades during a 4 weeks period around key international days like the International Day for Peace/World Peace Day, the World Water Day or the World Environment Day.

Teaching Material

Each of the three actions is supported by a book (i.e. Teacher’s Guidelines) available in English, as well as classic Arabic language.

The Teacher’s Guidelines are designed to be self-explanatory and detailed enough to support inexperienced teachers, while still acting as a framework for inspiration and further exploration of the Education for Sustainable Development and Water for Life actions for experienced teachers and their students.

Simplicity and Joy

Even though discussing serious matters, we stress simplicity and joy when performing local actions and exchange of action experiences, when your appointed classes engage in international dialogue.

For a broader introduction please refer to the Earth care campaign’s concept note.

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